Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chandamama,Baljyothy and Balamitra.

Location:Andhra Pradesh.

I got a subscription for English Chandamama when I am third class around 1979
,then shifted to telugu version(around 3rd & 4th Classes)as English
become overboard for me, but my interest sustained on
it for only few months, and moved to new entrant at
that time‘Balajyothi’. Though Chandamama has got good
pictures and stories, I liked Balajyothi very much and
had first day rush to read the magazine (like
wathching Chiranjivi cinema firstday).

Chandamama stories follow very classical style and bit
like seeing B&W movies (still it maintains same old
style narration even, when I read it in
2002.).Balajyothi is a mix of classical stories and
modern stories (but a little dose of Mythology) and
‘How it works’ Stuff and we used to barter BJ with
Bommarillu and Balmithra. Afternoons in Summer
Vacations are full of reading times and Friendships
are strongly built around this magazines.

Now and then had a chance to read Twinkle and Amar
Chitra katha Comics.

In between churned out Chitti pustakalu,in each and
every book the story is same and repetitve( Typical
Bairava Dweepam Story).

Balajyothi and Bommarillu is no more now, from above
article I came to know,TTD is going to digitally
archive on complete Chandamama Issues.Which I added
to my future shopping list.

My Final Analysis on the magazines:

Chandamama:Nice pictures and rural set up stories and
Full dose of Mythology,(My favorite is '25 years back

Balajyothy:Historical and Folklore stories.Modern and
rational in its aprroach.

Balamithra:Modern stories and Devotional content like
Tirupati Venkateswara Swami /Gurvayur/Devi Mugabika
Mahtyam Stories.

Hope you all have gone through the same phase.


karthik said...

I enjoyed all your magazines mostly 2008 january issue and cd.witness stories are really super.fearless four and arabian nights comics are more sensational.kindly correct the spelling VIKRAM AND VETALA.IT IS NOT VETALA BUT BHETALA.


kopparapu said...

Even i used enjoy loads of balajyothi stuff and still love the stories. It would be too good if they can make a big novel kind of thing in parts and release the entire bala jyothi, chandamama and balamitra. These days the quality and the size of the book has gone down drastically... It wud be good if they are made available again.
And fromt he blog i saw that entire chandamama is available now. Can u tell me how to order ir where we can get them?
please mail the details to

Tirupatikiran said...

i want bala mitra books plz scan and mail to me ! i written stories and article in balamitra and balajyothi.years 1999 to 2007(balamitras) and balajyothi 1998 to 2000 collections

Tirupatikiran said...

Plz contact me 9553518568 mail id

Anonymous said...

Get from the site, for chandamama. I don't know about balajyothi.

durgaprasad said...

If any have PDF files CDs of Balajyothi, Bommarillu pls inform me. I am ready to pay some money too.

Rajendra Katamoni said...


Thank you so much for your books on chandamama.

Can I get Chandamama english editions of 1989 January and February.

Thank you so much in advance...